Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ker's top 10s

Just a few random "Top 10" lists for me.


10. Scarface
9. Downfall
8. Back to the Future
7. National Treasure
6. The Godfather Trilogy
5. Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
4. The Phantom of the Opera
3. Batman & Batman Returns
2. Indiana Jones Trilogy
1. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight


10. A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
9. The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
8. The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Lerox
7. Uglies - Scott Westerfeld
6. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Gregory Maguire
5. The Bible
4. The Patriot's Library
3. Gone With the Wind - Margret Mitchell
2. Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling
1. The Godfather - Mario Puzo


10. Green Day
9. My Chemical Romance
8. 30 Seconds to Mars
7. Skillet
6. Paramore
5. Guns N' Roses
4. The Killers
3. Nightwish
2. Within Temptation
1. Evanescence

Favorite things to rant about:

10. Stupid People
9. School
8. deviantART Drama
7. The Naruto Fandom
6. Naruto Pairings
5. People I dislike
4. Immature People
3. The weather in South West Georgia
2. Twilight
1. Politics

Favorite Anime/Manga:

10. Ojamajo DoReMi (おジャ魔女どれみ)
8. Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン)
7. Axis Powers Hetalia (Axis powers ヘタリア)
6. InuYasha (犬夜叉)
5. Death Note (デスノート)
4. Soul Eater (ソウルイーター)
3. Ouran High School Host Club (桜蘭高校ホスト部)
2. Naruto (NARUTO -ナルト-)
1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)

(psst, I laugh at anyone that thought Naruto was going to be the first on that list, Haha!)

aaand yeah, just a bunch of random lists.

oh, and, psst: I've been crushing on Hugh for a year now... X_x; I'm so hopeless.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personal Rant

Anyone that reads this can call me an overreacting psychopath with depression problems, but I really don't care. This has been in my system since 3rd grade and it's about time I let it out.

It irritates me to NO END that every single time - EVERY SINGLE TIME I like a guy, I get the inevitable feeling that he doesn't like me back. Heck, I've gotten feelings that the guy I like hates me at times. I don't care if this is true or not, but I'm tired of it. Any gentleman trained right should give any girl that likes him a chance just to be a mature gentleman about it. "I like someone else" or "I don't like you like that" or "we're just friends" are NEVER valid excuses because if one of you likes the other than there's a chance that the other could like you back! (Unless of course it's physical attraction, but if it's romantic attraction by personality and not physical appearance then, yes) and plus if you're friends already, then that obviously means that it would work out to some degree, unless you ACTUALLY GO OUT for a while and realize that, yeah, you guys aren't meant for each other and you're better off as best friends or something of the matter but YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY GO OUT WITH THE PERSON, so stupid guys that have ever used those three excuses against me fail.

Also, superficial airheads irritate me to no end. YOU DO NOT LOVE A GUY/GIRL JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL/PRETTY/GORGEOUS/FINE/HOT GUY/GIRL YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. Someone COULD be the most gorgeous person in the world, but they could be a total psychopathic murderer! A guy could be extremely gorgeous but he could be a total JERK! and on the opposite side, a guy could be extremely fat, ugly, and bald but he could still be really sweet, funny, and lovable! A girl could be ugly, fat, flat-chested, and just downright HIDEOUS and she could still be the nicest and smartest girl you ever meet! But, you know what, evidently nobody cares about your personality any more because every time I say, "Yeah, I like someone" to a girl, the first thing he asks is, "ooh, is he cute?" Naturally at this point in time I will respond by either laughing as hard as I possibly can or with a big fat "no". HONESTLY. "Love at first sight" is total and complete crap and a convenient excuse not to think. "Love at first meeting" is total crap too. "ATTRACTION at first sight" and "ATTRACTION at first meeting" ARE real and proof that you HAVE thought about that person if you're just ATTRACTED to them and you're not actually IN LOVE with them.

and you know what? Evidently there's something wrong with my outward appearance AND my inside personality, because I have above average sized breasts and a tiny waist - a perfect hourglass shape - and I've NEVER had a date/boyfriend NOR have I EVER had a guy like me (to my knowledge, at least) - this probably being because I don't like dressing like a girl because GIRL CLOTHING IS TOO TIGHT FOR MY TASTES, I'M SORRY. I much rather prefer a t-shirt that's comfy to sleep in over a tight, skimpy top that I wore just to get a guy to look at my cleavage and drool over it. And since I get the inevitable feeling that NOBODY likes me, there must be something wrong with my personality! I know, I know - I have a tendency to be violent and vulgar...but, really, I'm really nice and I'm very religious...I'm not really like that. It's really just something I adopted to...I guess hide my feelings and try to fit in. Never worked, really. I'm going to try and change the vulgar/violent side that I I can try to be nicer and everything...If you haven't noticed, as opposed to my other rants - I haven't cursed once in this, and I won't for the rest of the rant, however long it may be.

And back onto the superficial people that I have already stated that I hate, EVIDENTLY if you're a girl that doesn't dress like a girl, you're a lesbian! I REALLY HATE THAT. JUST BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER SUPERFICIAL GIRL IN THE WORLD DOESN'T MEAN I'M A LESBIAN! JUST BECAUSE I'VE SPENT MY ENTIRE LIFE HANGING OUT WITH GUYS BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT SUPERFICIAL AIRHEADS LIKE THE MAJORITY OF THE FEMALE POPULATION ARE AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT GIRLY NOR SPEAK GIRLY DOESN'T MEAN I'M A LESBIAN. I believe I am currently crushing on a BOY at the moment AND I CAN give you HIS name (which I will probably end up doing by the end of this rant anyway) just to PROVE it to you.

Honestly, I don't get some logic. Why would a guy like a girl that acts like every other girl in the world? That doesn't make her anything special! If she's like every other girl in the world, then that makes every other girl in the world special to you! Not just her! Why don't you pick a girl who stands out? Pick a girl who exiles herself from every other girl because she's different? Pick a girl who would choose a t-shirt, jeans, and a messenger bag over a tight shirt, tight pants that give her a wedgie, and a purse that cost over $100? SERIOUSLY, IT'S NOT HOW THEY LOOK, IT'S WHO THEY ARE! And in my own personal taste, instead of picking a football player (because from my own personal experience I have it in my head that all football players are JERKS), pick a guy who's like...on the debate team or something! I'd rather have an ugly guy who's smart over a cute guy that's stupid. Really.

and you REALLY SHOULDN'T CARE WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE THINKS. I really cared too much about this until I actually listened to the guy that I currently like vent and describe fitting in as a "never ending initiation ceremony" and really, that's what it is. You should just be who you are! Be who you are and you'll know that if someone loves you, they love you for who you are! If someone hates you, they'll hate you for who you are! I'd much rather be hated for who I am than loved for something I'm not! But the fact of the matter is; EVERYONE IN MY SCHOOL IS A SUPERFICIAL AIRHEAD AND DOESN'T KNOW ME AND THEREFORE HATES ME BASED ON MY APPEARANCE!

and just as PROOF that I'm not superficial like the rest of the world, I like a guy on my High School Debate Team named Kyle, and I REALLY DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS NOW, because it's only proof that I'm not a superficial airhead and that I actually like a guy for his personality. LEGASP, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS!

Well that gets rid of everything I've wanted to curl into a corner and cry about for the past 7 years so I feel good.

Oh, and if the guy that I mentioned above is reading this...I'm...really sorry about every rude/mean/vulgar thing I've EVER said to you, because I obviously take it back now...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Luna VS Mary-Sues

this is kind of a Luna VS Sasuke Sues rant. Anyone ever notice she's like the opposite of all the usual ones?

Round One: Pasts

Sasuke Sues usually have a past strikingly similar to Sasuke's - someone killed their parents/clan and they're the last survivor, blah blah...I mean, don't you people have better originality than that? And on top of that a lot of them are also Uchihas so they're the ZOMG, LAST SURVIVOR, too. And this is all done so they could "understand" Sasuke...

Luna has a FUCKING HUGE family. I mean, if you read Failure you'll note that the Hyuuzu Clan house was so big it was more like an inn than it was a house. Her parents and siblings are alive, as well. She doesn't "understand" Sasuke to an extent, but at the same time she does, to an extent as well. She Semi-witnessed her grandmother's death - whom she was also very close to. I decided to leave Luna's family alive and well because the idea hit me one day; "Wait, wouldn't Sasuke want to marry into a LARGE family?"

Round Two: Relationships

Sasuke Sues usually have...weird relationships with Sasuke. Some of them make Sasuke go, "omg, ur hot, revive my clan" and it's just cliche love-at-first-sight bullshit. On top of that they have like 235362342362343262343523423 kids with Sasuke and just...crap like that...*shudders*

Luna has a relationship with Sasuke that I literally spent YEARS on. She met Sasuke a the Academy when the two were young, yes...but they met by Luna accidentally stepping on Sasuke's lunch which caused them to fight for a while, then an event happened that made them friends and it all goes from there. Luna was a good friend of Sasuke's before his family dies, which means she's important to him - she's the only person that didn't leave him that night. Luna eventually gets a crush on him after a while - doesn't admit it. Thinks about admitting it, but remembers she doesn't want to trouble Sasuke's goal of revenge with her desire to have a romance with him. She knows revenge is Sasuke's #1 goal and doesn't want to get in the way of it. And when they eventually DO get together, they only have 3 kids. They try to have 4, but the Hyuuzu women have some weird thing that makes them able to get successfully pregnant twice (Edo and Aiko were twins) - their 4th child was a stillborn.

Round Three: Techniques

Sasuke Sues have abilities and bloodline traits that totally overpower Sasuke and the sharingan. That's all I have to say =_= some of them even HAVE the sharingan...-facepalm- and they can kick his ass in like five minutes.

Luna has the most useless eyes in her clan which means she's generally pretty weak. Her two strongest techniques - Dragon's Wrath and CrotchKick (a joke technique but it's pretty strong XD) are sort-of one-time things. She can only use Dragon's Wrath once in a battle because it ususe all of her chakra and CrotchKick usually only works once against every male opponent it's used on. I mean, if a guy sees a girl's foot coming towards his crotch he has the common sense to move out of the way. Especially if he's been kicked there before by the same girl. (I demand originality points for CrotchKick, btw) and Luna actually gets in a fight with Sasuke and loses. Miserably.

Round Four: Personality

Sasuke Sues usually have emo personalities like Sasuke :| Sasuke would not want someone similar to him. Maybe a little similar to him, but not 100% - that's just boring. On top of that I've seen a lot of them get in super big trouble and need Sasuke to save them, despite being able to overpower him and kick his ass. And they cry a lot.

Luna has a temper and a bitchy personality. She's really rude and won't take a second's hesitation speaking her mind. She's a strong-willed girl who won't take any person's bullshit - she'll shove right back up their asses if they try to shove it in her face. THAT is exactly the type of girl I can see Sasuke wanting. Someone that won't put up with bullshit that he won't have to worry about saving. Luna never cries.

Round Five: Appearance

Sasuke Sues are usually drop dead gorgeous and make Sasuke drool over them. They wear exposing and impractical clothing and, as well, dark clothing.

Luna is a bitchy little unattractive tomboy to start out, and then she eventually gets pretty - but of course Sasuke never notices. He DOES point out that "you look different' when he sees her seeing makeup for the first time, but that's it. She also wears pants and a shirt - practical clothing. and they're brightly colored. I never got OCs that expose their clevage or midriffs with no explanation. It's exposure to weak points ._.


Like it was any competition to begin with.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Political Views

I really hate Liberal views.

I really do.

I hate people that think the Government should take control of everything and we need to have the Government more powerful than anything else.

Why? Because it's not what our founding fathers wanted.

Our founding fathers wanted a land of free people, not a land of socialists. We're the United States of America - the land of the free. We have the freedom of Religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition the government. We have the right to bear arms. We have the right to our privacy in our own homes. We have the right to a trial by jury.

And I'm sitting here thinking people in congress haven't even read the US Constitution.

First of all, I think the Democrats are afraid of the Constitution, because Democrats believe that the Government should be all-powerful or at least have more power than what's granted to it in the US Constitution. Fact of the matter, the Constitution was created to protect people from the Government.

Think of the writers of the Constitution. They just won the American Revolution when they wrote the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation. They didn't want the US to become like Britain - destructive of the unalienable rights that humans are supposed to be guaranteed; the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We won the American Revolution because we were fighting for morals, not materials. We were fighting for our freedoms and Britain was fighting to keep its Colonies. Morals are more powerful than materials, and that is what I believe the US Government has failed to see at this time.

Now, here's what I believe.

I believe people who are bad are always going to do bad. I believe people who are good are always going to do good. That will never change. That's why, in relation to Policy Debate, you can't define poverty - every man has his own standards of living. One man may be happy with just his children and his wife and another man may need several materials to be happy.

The point is, America is the land of the free, where everything is possible if you get off of your ass and work for it. "In this life, it's not what you hope for, it's not what you deserve - it's what you take." You have to work for what you want. You have to work for your dreams. You're not going to achieve anything by sitting around and waiting for the government to hand everything to you! You have to get off of your lazy ass and WORK. If someone's not going to work to achieve something, I see no reason why the government should pay any attention to them.

I SAY we should abolish all the laws and government services and just keep the Constitution (With the exception of the 16h Amendment, which should be replaced with a better Tax Plan. Like the FairTax. Actually, no. It should be the FairTax.) Because this is America. You're supposed to work for your shit here! If you're not willing to work then GTFO.

And yes, I say the government should keep its noses out of drugs, alcohol, abortion, and gay marriage. I'll tell you why; if someone wants to abuse drugs and alcohol, it's their choice. They're choosing to do that to their body. If someone wants to smoke, it's their choice. If someone wants to chew tobacco, it's their choice. They want to do that to their body, that's fine. This is the land of the free. We should be able to do anything we want. Abortion - a woman's going to find a way to get rid of her unwanted, unborn baby. Gay marriage - probably not the term "marriage" as that's the term meant for a man and a woman, but possibly a marriage-like union. Long story short: The government should keep its noses out of the private lives of its citizens.

Also, in his farewell address, Washington asked the country not to split up into Political parties, as he feared it would make the country split into enemy camps. Poor man, I bet he's rolling in his grave.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hate it when people do this.

I usually state everywhere that my favorite book is Mario Puzo's The Godfather, because I'm a sucker for dark stories and The Godfather has to be the father of dark stories.

I'm currently on my third re-read of the book and, of course, I read it when I have spare time to do so on class. Naturally, my classmates have to comment on my reading choices because I'm known to really hate Twilight.

I've heard people say a mixture of things.

"You only read it for the sex!"
"You only read it for the violence!"
"You only read it for the cussing!"
"Ew, I hate that movie!" (yes, a Twitard said that)


Because that's not all The Godfather is. Yeah, The Godfather has a lot of sex and violence, but it's not ALL sex and violence - otherwise I would have stopped reading when Santino Corleone had his affair with Lucy Mancini or when Jack Woltz woke up with the horse head in his bed.

The Godfather is based off of the mafia. The Mafia is organized crime. Organized crime is more than just raping someone, more than just stealing, and so on. The families usually controlled businesses and the businesses would compete for power and money - the Corleone family owned olive oil importing and gambling while the Tattaglia family controlled prostitution, etc. This was the cause of all the organized crime - this competition.

And it was more than just killing/raping people. It was implied that they also bribed politicians to get bills passed and judges and lawyers bribed, as well - like, when Nazorine the Baker came to Don Corleone to keep Enzo in America because Enzo fell in love with his daughter and he wanted his daughter to have a husband, so on.

So, before you tell me I'm reading something just because it's infamous for explicit content, shut the fuck up and read it before you say anything about it.

Oh, and that leads me to say some of the reasons I dislike the movie.

Don't get me wrong - the movie was awesome, but I could nitpick it to death because of the book. I didn't like how the movie practically ignored Johnny Fontane after Tom Hagen's ordeal with Jack Woltz - and how it basically ignored Mama Corleone. It also screwed up the ending. In the book, it has Kay praying in the church for the soul of Michael, but in the movie, it just has her staring into Michael's office. (Sometimes, I refuse to believe that Mario Puzo helped write the script to the movie). The movie left out a lot of the important negotiation scenes and so on and focused more on the violence and the sex. That bugs me.

So, again: before you tell me I'm reading something just because it's infamous for explicit content, shut the fuck up and read it before you say anything about it.

Also, I love it for the characters, too. Santino was my favorite and I cried when he died :C I think his death was extremely powerful in the book - "I don't want his mother to see him like this." before it goes back and explains how he died.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Luna Hyuzu's Fan Collection

Well anyone that knows me on deivantART is probably fammiliar with my Naruto OC, Luna Hyuuzu, and anyone that is fammiliar with her is probably aware of the fact that she collects and has her bedroom decorated with various Japanese War Fans, so I thought I would share my vast knowledge of Japanese War Fans! :D

Not including standard folding fans, there are four different types of Japanese War Fans: Uchiwa, Gunsen, Saihai, and Tessen.

First, let's look at the standard Japanese folding fan


The folding fan was invented in Japan in the 8th century and taken to China in the 9th century. The Akomeogi (or Japanese folding fan; 衵扇; Hiōgi) originated in the 6th century. These were fans held by aristocrats of the Heian period when formally dressed. They were made by tying thin stripes of hinoki (or Japanese cypress) together with thread. The number of strips of wood differed according to the person's rank.


The uchiwa (round fan) is a traditional Japanese handicraft with a long tradition. Originally from China, it is made by cutting a bamboo tube into narrow splinters which are then splayed out in the radial shape of a fan. Over both sides of this bamboo frame is pasted "washi" paper. Sometimes they were also made of iron, built on wooden cores. They were used to ward off arrows, as a sunshade, and to signal to troops. They are also used in Japanese court and to fan flames.


Gunsen were folding fans used by the average samurai warriors to cool themselves off. They were made of bronze, brass or a similar metal for the inner spokes, and often used iron for the outer spokes, making them lightweight but strong. Warriors would hang their fans from a variety of places, most typically from the belt or the breastplate, though the latter often impeded the use of a sword or a bow.


Saihai (also called Zai) is a very important article for directing troops. Every monogashira (captain) and all officers of higher rank carry it. To carry it, fasten the cord (also called udenuki-no-o) to the ring of the right chigakushi (small piece on the upper part of the breastplate), and put you left hand into the cord. When not in use put it at the back of the waist.


Tessen were folding fans with outer spokes made of iron which were designed to look like normal, harmless folding fans or solid clubs shaped to look like a closed fan. Samurai and Ninja could take these to places where swords or other overt weapons were not allowed, and some swordsmanship schools included training in the use of the tessen as a weapon. The tessen was also used for fending off arrows and darts, as a throwing weapon, and as an aid in swimming. The outer edge of the fan could also be sharpened so they could also be used to cut an opponent. The fighting style of using a fan is called TESSENJUTSU.

and there's also special made fans for dancers


Of course, dancing with fans is popular in Japanese culture. Dancing fans are made specially light-weight so that the dancer can move them easily.

Fans are also used as a marriage proposal in Japan


The engagement of a traditional Japanese wedding is sealed by a ceremony called the yunio. The highlight of this ceremony is the giving of symbolic gifts wrapped in ornate rice paper. The gifts include: dried cuttlefish for its phallic shape; kelp or konbu because the character can be written to mean "child-bearing woman"; a long, linen thread to symbolize the gray hair of old age; and a folded fan which spreads out to show future wealth and growth in numbers.

I know I'm not an expert on Japanese things...but they sure are fun to research :D
if I messed up anything, please feel free to correct me ^_^;

Ninja Weapons

Since NARUTO is a really popular anime/manga to write fan-characters for, I thought I would make an informational blog post about various ninja weapons used in the real world, because NARUTO is about ninjas and has some decent references to real ninja weapons. This could also be helpful for anyone else that wants to write something about ninjas or Japanese characters.


Fans made of iron - called tessen - were commonly used by both ninja and samurai. There were two kinds of tessen - those that were actual folding fans and those modeled to look like folded fans that could be used to club an opponent. Either way, they could be carried around with no suspicion of being a weapon. When folded, regular tessen could be used the same as the ones used to club opponents. Folding tessen could also have sharpened edges used to cut opponents like a knife or other blade of some sort.


Ashiko were spikes worn on the bottom of the ninja's tabi (socks) or feet. It helped a ninja climb while also could be used in combat - I would assume getting kicked by a ninja while he was wearing ashiko foot spikes would hurt..pretty bad.


The Bo Staff was a hollow, wooden staff commonly made of bamboo or hard wood, and it was an important weapon to a ninja's arsenal. It's usually six feet long. The reason for it being hollow is because of tactics - by flicking the staff with great speed a ninja could launch a small knife or a poison dart at an opponent, catching him off guard.


A bokken was a wooden sword - used most commonly for sword training - but a lot of ninja preferred to use a bokken over a ninja-to, the reason being that it was lighter and easier to carry with no risk of cutting oneself. When used correctly in combat, a bokken could actually break bones and damage internal organs.


The Naginata was a pole weapon, consisting of a wooden shaft with a blade on the end - most commonly light oak wood and a bamboo blade. In Asia, it is most commonly associated with women, but in Europe it is more commonly associated with men.


The Kusarigama is a weapon - formally a farm tool - that consists of the kama (the Japanese version of a sickle, or a small scythe) on a chain with a weight at the opposing end. It was used by swinging the kama end above one's head while holding the weight in your hand. It was then thrown at the opponent's sword or pole to steal it from them, or their limbs to immobilize them.


Probably the most common and stereotypical ninja weapon, the nunchaku (or nun-chucks) is a weapon consisting of two commonly wooden, sometimes metal sticks connected by a short chain or rope. Originally a farming tool, the nunchaku is an effective close-range weapon. It is often used to strike from unexpected angles.


The ono, or battle axe, is a fairly rare ninja weapon and is rarely used. It's usually four feet long with an over-sized blade. I've never seen or heard of it used in combat so I don't know much about it - because it's so rare.


The shuriken is another common, stereotypical ninja weapon. The shuriken is a concealed weapon, most used for throwing. Shuriken were also used to stick into wood or the ground for intimidation, and when thrown, sometimes they were dipped with poison.


The ninjato - also called the ninjaken or shinobigatana - was the 'official' ninja sword. It was about half the size of a samurai's katana. They were used mostly as a stabbing weapon and were small enough to slip through a samurai's armor and, of course, stab him.


(no picture available)

A doka is a small container for safely carrying a live coal. The device is useful for lighting fuses with minimum fuss. On a cold night, it can be used to warm fingers before a delicate task. It is said to be an aid to ninjutsu.


(no picture available)

Because ninja worked by night, they needed light of course! A gando was a lantern used by ninja, lit by a candle.


Yet ANOTHER stereotypical ninja weapon, the kunai. The kunai was originally a Japanese gardening tool. It is commonly called the ninja throwing knife, as it was used as a knife or for throwing.


The sai are commonly fought with in pairs; they are daggers with a short, slender, pointed blade rather than a long, thick, and flat one. The sai are commonly rounded at the hilt, but there are also manji sai that have one handle point pointing up and the other pointing down.


Smoke bombs were used by ninja as either a diversion to distract opponents or to escape undercover.


The Ozatsu was the ninja cannon. Like the ono, it's rare and I've never seen it used to mentioned much. I don't even have a picture of one. I suppose they would be used and would work like any other feudal-era cannon.


(no picture available)

The shobo was a weapon used for striking pressure points. It was a piece of wood that was gripped by the wielder and was hung by a ring worn on the middle finger. Some versions were rings with a wooden peg attached on top.


The suntetsu was similar to the shobo. A Suntetsu is a metal rod/spike about 6 inches in length with a ring attached to it. The middle finger is inserted into the ring and the Suntetsu rests in the hand by various grips. It is also considered a concealed weapon.

Well, that's all the ninja weapons I can think of for now. If I ever remember another one, I'll add it to this list ^__^ if you have another weapon to tell me about, please don't be afraid to mention it! I'll be happy to add another weapon to the list!

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Either way, this be mah blog


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