Friday, October 16, 2009

Luna VS Mary-Sues

this is kind of a Luna VS Sasuke Sues rant. Anyone ever notice she's like the opposite of all the usual ones?

Round One: Pasts

Sasuke Sues usually have a past strikingly similar to Sasuke's - someone killed their parents/clan and they're the last survivor, blah blah...I mean, don't you people have better originality than that? And on top of that a lot of them are also Uchihas so they're the ZOMG, LAST SURVIVOR, too. And this is all done so they could "understand" Sasuke...

Luna has a FUCKING HUGE family. I mean, if you read Failure you'll note that the Hyuuzu Clan house was so big it was more like an inn than it was a house. Her parents and siblings are alive, as well. She doesn't "understand" Sasuke to an extent, but at the same time she does, to an extent as well. She Semi-witnessed her grandmother's death - whom she was also very close to. I decided to leave Luna's family alive and well because the idea hit me one day; "Wait, wouldn't Sasuke want to marry into a LARGE family?"

Round Two: Relationships

Sasuke Sues usually have...weird relationships with Sasuke. Some of them make Sasuke go, "omg, ur hot, revive my clan" and it's just cliche love-at-first-sight bullshit. On top of that they have like 235362342362343262343523423 kids with Sasuke and just...crap like that...*shudders*

Luna has a relationship with Sasuke that I literally spent YEARS on. She met Sasuke a the Academy when the two were young, yes...but they met by Luna accidentally stepping on Sasuke's lunch which caused them to fight for a while, then an event happened that made them friends and it all goes from there. Luna was a good friend of Sasuke's before his family dies, which means she's important to him - she's the only person that didn't leave him that night. Luna eventually gets a crush on him after a while - doesn't admit it. Thinks about admitting it, but remembers she doesn't want to trouble Sasuke's goal of revenge with her desire to have a romance with him. She knows revenge is Sasuke's #1 goal and doesn't want to get in the way of it. And when they eventually DO get together, they only have 3 kids. They try to have 4, but the Hyuuzu women have some weird thing that makes them able to get successfully pregnant twice (Edo and Aiko were twins) - their 4th child was a stillborn.

Round Three: Techniques

Sasuke Sues have abilities and bloodline traits that totally overpower Sasuke and the sharingan. That's all I have to say =_= some of them even HAVE the sharingan...-facepalm- and they can kick his ass in like five minutes.

Luna has the most useless eyes in her clan which means she's generally pretty weak. Her two strongest techniques - Dragon's Wrath and CrotchKick (a joke technique but it's pretty strong XD) are sort-of one-time things. She can only use Dragon's Wrath once in a battle because it ususe all of her chakra and CrotchKick usually only works once against every male opponent it's used on. I mean, if a guy sees a girl's foot coming towards his crotch he has the common sense to move out of the way. Especially if he's been kicked there before by the same girl. (I demand originality points for CrotchKick, btw) and Luna actually gets in a fight with Sasuke and loses. Miserably.

Round Four: Personality

Sasuke Sues usually have emo personalities like Sasuke :| Sasuke would not want someone similar to him. Maybe a little similar to him, but not 100% - that's just boring. On top of that I've seen a lot of them get in super big trouble and need Sasuke to save them, despite being able to overpower him and kick his ass. And they cry a lot.

Luna has a temper and a bitchy personality. She's really rude and won't take a second's hesitation speaking her mind. She's a strong-willed girl who won't take any person's bullshit - she'll shove right back up their asses if they try to shove it in her face. THAT is exactly the type of girl I can see Sasuke wanting. Someone that won't put up with bullshit that he won't have to worry about saving. Luna never cries.

Round Five: Appearance

Sasuke Sues are usually drop dead gorgeous and make Sasuke drool over them. They wear exposing and impractical clothing and, as well, dark clothing.

Luna is a bitchy little unattractive tomboy to start out, and then she eventually gets pretty - but of course Sasuke never notices. He DOES point out that "you look different' when he sees her seeing makeup for the first time, but that's it. She also wears pants and a shirt - practical clothing. and they're brightly colored. I never got OCs that expose their clevage or midriffs with no explanation. It's exposure to weak points ._.


Like it was any competition to begin with.

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